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jules cisek
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Professional Experience
2020.03-present Google: Staff Software Engineer
Google Cloud BI.
2014.09-2020.03 Looker Data Sciences: Senior Software Engineer
All things async.
2011.01-2014.09 Luminate Inc.: Seʼnor Software Engineer
Developed ad server, image scoring, caching backend, and many other projects.
2009.07-2011.01 Yahoo!: Mail Tech
Backend/Frontend engineer for Yahoo Mail » MyPhotos (was Xoopit)
2007.01-2009.07 Xoopit: Software Commando
Backend large data store, POP3 and IMAP accumulators, ops, and whatever else it took

Employee #3
2005.08-2007.01 LiveOps: Senior Software Engineer
Designed and developed audit system, agent tools, Secure Exchange (sensitive data collection system), and more.

Cloudmark: Lead Senior Software Engineer
Designed and developed licence/payment systems for the Desktop and Server products. Developed backend servers for the Cloudmark SpamNet Service.


Omniva Policy Systems: Senior Software Engineer
Part of eXtreme Programming team that developed the enterprise edition of the Omniva Policy Manager using the .NET Framework.


Redband Broadcasting: Director of Engineering
Designed and developed presentation systems for music industry promotion. Managed engineering project and staff.


Viralon: Director of Engineering
Built and managed development team. Managed personnel, schedules, deployment. Co-designed system architecture based on oracle, tuxedo, mason, etc. Bootsrapped and maintained development and release processes. Participated in sales efforts. Participated in strategic company planning. Project design contributor. Software development contributor.
Employee #4


Backflip: Director of Application Engineering
Also served as Director of Engineering and Server Architecture. Bootstrapped the engineering processes, designed initial technology, schemas, architecture, and application. Hiring, team management, etc.
Employee #5


Topica: System Architect and Web Lead
Designed Topica architecture, components, database schema, application, mail flow, developed front end UI and application based on Apache, modperl, and custom application layers; lead team of web developers, was major contributor to company plans and culture. Employee #6

1995.07-1998.05 Netscape Communications, Corp.: Software Engineer, Messaging Group
Developed and shipped Netscape News Server 1.0 for Solaris, Irix, and AIX in late '95.  Lead architect and developer on the Netscape News Server 2.0 for NT, shipped summer of '96 on NT followed by 2.1 release on Solaris, Irix, and several other UNIX platforms in late '96.  Designed and developed end-user UI and Access Control for Netscape Collabra Server 3.0 shipped in mid '97.  Worked on core server performance for Netscape Collabra 3.0 and 3.5, shipped at end of '97.  Lead architect and developer for Server Side Scripting in the Messaging Server.   

Also involved in extra-curricular projects including: Champions program with Tech Support and administering Netscape's external newsgroups.


Microsoft Corp.: Software Engineer, Messaging Group
Designed and developed Exchange MTA component for X400 MAPI conversion and transport.  Developed Microsoft Mail Exchange X400 transport.  Involved in development of MAPI libraries and specification.

1992.01-1992.12 Microsoft Corp.: Software Engineering Intern, Messaging Group
Designed and developed SMTP to X400 Gateway, a mission critical project that was the main mail gateway between the Exchange Team and the rest of the world until mid-1996.  Also involved in development of HPFS for OS/2.


  • 5 years of University level course work, State University of New York at Albany. 

Selected Projects:

  • Co-wrote Argus and Insane Asylum games for Atari 800 with brother Paul, 1982-1984.
  • Architected, implemented, and maintained T-Dome, multi-user BBS running on VAX VMS at the SUNY Albany.  1987-1990.
  • Finalist in International ACM Programming Contest, 1990.  Semi-finalist in 1991. 
  • Designed and implemented several successful Core War programs, 1991-1993
  • Continued development of Backflip (bookmarking engine) after parent companies went out of business, 2001.09-2009.10
  • Co-host of MotoPod, a Motorcycle road racing podcast, 2006.12-2013.12
  • Father of two, 2000.06-present


Photography, Music, Motorcycling, Art, Film, Technology, SimRacing, and Fainting in Coils.